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Welcome to The Greener Project

The trouble with climate change is that it isn’t caused by any one individual. The aggregate choices of every individual add up to devastating effects for innocent people around the globe. I think a major reason people don’t feel compelled to do anything about climate change is that even if they adjust their daily behaviors slightly, they can’t see the effects of their actions. In the same way that one person doesn’t necessarily cause climate change, one person can’t solve it either.
As I see it, there are two major benefits to choosing a greener lifestyle, beyond the knowledge that you’re making the planet a bit healthier (even if you can’t see the change with your own eyes). First, endlessly buying material possessions doesn’t actually make us happier. An entire movement towards minimalism has emerged from this idea.
Simply buying and consuming less leaves much more room in our lives for the important things: relationships, pursuit of passions, learning, and all the beautiful intangible things you can’t pick up at a big box store.
The other major benefit is that environmental consciousness is contagious. The media portrays people with eco-conscious lives as so-called Earth Mothers, as crunchy hippies, or as eccentrics living completely off the grid. Our media would have you believe that the only way to live a glamorous, aesthetic life is to buy as many products as your favorite influencers do.
Each person who chooses to live a greener life shows the circle of people around them what living consciously actually looks like.
And therein lies the motivation for this blog. I have always loved reading lifestyle and fashion blogs because the lives of those bloggers are portrayed so artistically through beautiful photos. They build a community of readers around their aesthetic, well-maintained sites. Yet, I have always felt a moral discomfort about the fact that they, just like all other marketers, simply want to encourage you to buy the products they feature on their blogs. Who can blame them? That’s how they make a living.
So then why am I bothering to make a blog? I want to make it as easy for people to make green choices as my favorite fashion bloggers make it to buy the outfits they so artfully put together. My main goal is to show people how to effect change in small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale ways.
To me, small-scale changes encompass the actions of our everyday lives which do not take much effort to change. This includes the products we buy, which companies we choose to buy from, and how often we buy things.
Medium-scale changes require more planning and effort. These changes include things like changing the way you commute, changing your diet, and changing the things you do for fun.
Large-scale changes require re-examining the politicians you support, the career you’re pursuing, and the organizations you donate to.
On this blog, I hope to share my own adventures and setbacks in enacting all of these changes in my own life. I hope to show that choosing to live a greener life does not necessitate any compromises on your happiness, social life, or even style. If I can prove to even one person that making greener choices is possible, then I will feel successful. Thank you for joining me on this journey to make the planet a little healthier and our world a little more conscious!

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