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An Adorable Replacement for Ziploc Bags

It is nearly impossible to deny that ZipLoc bags were a brilliant invention. Of course, they would only be a perfect invention if they were not disposable. But still – sometimes you need to carry a snack with you and tupperware is simply too bulky.

Enter the brilliant snackTAXI! These little pouches are made of organic cotton and are lined with a washable material. They hold just as much as a Ziploc bag and take up close to no space in your bag when you’re done using it.

I bought my snackTAXI at a shop in Ithaca called Home Green Home. Sadly, the owner of the company seems to be taking down the snackTAXI website, but I have seen them sold at most stores which sell sustainable home goods.

We have found this little pouch so convenient and so easy to clean. It is certainly one of the easiest switches I’ve made in my everyday life so far!

PS – the adorable model is my roommate Tracy who has possibly used the snackTAXI more than me!

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