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The Best Utensils to Take on the Go

I have recently become obsessed with avoiding plastic utensils. I try to bring my lovely bamboo utensils everywhere with me, not just because I want to avoid using single-use plastic, but because they are beautiful!

Last night when out at dinner, I  became “crazy utensil lady.” I had forgotten to bring my bamboo utensils and the restaurant gave us all plastic forks! At the end of the meal, I packed all my friends plastic utensils up and took them all the way home with me on the train to ensure they got recycled correctly…

So yes, bringing along my reusable set works much better!

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo takes the term “renewable” to a new level. When you harvest bamboo, you don’t actually need to plant it again. A new shoot will emerge from the bamboo root system. I can hardly think of a material with a lower impact on the planet.

What I Look For in My Reusable Utensils

In all honesty, Northwestern gave all of us a set of To-GoWare utensils on Earth Day for free, so I didn’t research these before getting them. Now that I do have them, I’ve identified what makes these bamboo utensils so great.

  1. Easy to clean: Especially during the school year, I find I do not have the patience to constantly work over a soapy sink! These bamboo utensils require absolutely minimal care. They’re dishwasher safe, but I usually just rinse them with water and a little bit of soap.
  2. Super portable: I love that To-GoWare utensils come in such a small and sleek pouch. I keep them in the front pocket of my backpack at all times! Even better: To-GoWare actually makes their pouch out of recycled water bottles. A win/win.
  3. No odor retention: Somehow, bamboo does not retain scents as much as other materials do. This means that if I can’t wash the utensils right after I eat, it’s no big deal. My whole backpack will not smell (even a little bit!) if I have to carry around the utensils for a few hours before washing them.

Enjoying a pizza crepe at the farmers market with my bamboo fork and knife!

Always remember: being green doesn’t always mean spending money! If you don’t want to buy new products, there’s no reason you can’t bring normal silverware out and about with you. I just happen to love the convenience of having these in their own pouch with one specific purpose 🙂

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  1. Aww, yay Northwestern. What a GREAT gift. I know from personal experience that a non-preachy, charming little gift can change one’s life.