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Honest Thoughts on “If You Care” Garbage Bags & Parchment Paper

My roommate recently surprised me by bringing home the most eco-friendly garbage bags she could find. She and I constantly try to replace everyday products in our apartment with more eco-friendly alternatives.

She had brought home “If You Care” garbage bags. I was delighted: the package advertised compostable bags free of plasticizers and polyethylene, wrapped up neatly in box made of recycled paper.

We have now been using them for several months! I’ve also bought their sustainable parchment paper. I’m giving my honest reviews of our experience below!

“If You Care” Garbage Bags

I wish I produced zero waste (and I’m working towards it!) but in the meantime, I’m happy to at least put a less harmful trash bag into the landfill.

The “If You Care” garbage bags have a really nice appearance, with handles you can wrap up to make taking the trash out very convenient. The bags are made from potato starch, so they’re totally compostable.

Unfortunately, when you buy a bag that is 100% biodegradable, you will have to compromise on the strength of the bag. If we put too much wet trash in the bag, it will break.

Sometimes I’ll have to double bag to prevent the bag breaking as I walk it to the dumpster. I hate having to use more bags than necessary – it makes me feel like I’m just generatingĀ moreĀ waste even if the bag is eco-friendly!

Overall, I advise you to avoid putting too much wet trash in the bag and to change bags frequently. If you’re assiduous, the bags make a really good alternative to traditional trash bags!

Note: we have a really tiny trash can! These bags would fit perfectly on a more standard-sized bin.

“If You Care” Parchment Paper

I have found that living greener requires trade-offs. To eat less meat, I eat more tofu, and eating more tofu has required me to use parchment paper. (If you know of a great way to cook tofu so it doesn’t stick to pans and sheet trays, please let me know!)

Fortunately, if you rinse of your parchment paper, you can recycle it. Still, I didn’t like going through so much paper. At least with “If You Care” parchment paper, I’m using something bio-based, compostable, bleach-free, and fluorochemical-free.

It feels like a start as I figure out how to cook without needing to use parchment paper!

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